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The Total Marriage Transformation Program
Deepen your connection so that your marriage remains happy for years to come
Even Marriage Counselors need help ;-)
Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin
2016: Launched The Total Marriage Transformation Program, aka "Marriage School"

2013: Founded, a global initiative keeping couples together and happy

2011: Authored an Amazon Bestseller, The 5 Step Action Plan to a Healthy and Happy Marriage, featured on NPR, CNN, Huffington Post, FOX, Readers Digest, Redbook

2003: Discovered a revolutionary approach to marriage counseling, becoming a sought out therapist spanning across 6 continents
Who Is This Program For?
  • You are in crisis and this is your last ditch effort before you call it quits
  • Your spouse has left or "checked out" and you want to win them back 
  • Anyone with a good or mediocre marriage who wants to create the marriage of their dreams 
  •  It's your second marriage and you want to make it right this time around
Sounds like you?
Then you're in the right place.
Just A Little Taste Of What You Will Get Inside + Secret Module #4
  • This first module is all about building trust and creating a fulfilled relationship with honesty. 
  • We'll show you my Reconciliation Strategy for improved communication and connection with your love.
  •  We'll show you the best way to make your family whole again.
  • You'll use our proven 4-step process to increase trust for you to experience closeness of the deepest level, guaranteed.
  • You'll use our Dirty Dozen Checklist- to help you eliminate disconnect and distrust- to start living the best marriage you can.
  • We cover how to rapidly rebuild trust to build a happy marriage again.
  • You'll use our Relationship Scanner to quickly find out what are the main activities that are completely destroying your mutual trust, loyalty and respect.
  • We'll share with you how to inspire faithfulness in each other even if you suspect infidelity and there's lack of trust. 
  • In this module we cover how to increase mutual respect & trust so you can have stability and satisfaction. 
  • We cover the 4 pillars of a happy relationship so you feel excited about seeing your partner - as on the day you first met - forever.
  • We'll show you how to stop blaming while increasing communication
  • How to stop feeling disconnected and isolated and start having a strong and stable marriage.
  •  You'll get a 10-minute exercise guaranteed to eliminate negativity and complaining from your relationship.
  • We cover how to communicate without getting angry at each other
  • You'll learn how to live at peace even when your partner is behaving in an annoying way that you can't change.
  • You'll discover our 2-Step Technique to eradicate complaining and lack of communication to have a healthy environment for your kids.
  • This module is all about making sure you have a strong and stable marriage that makes you feel secure by leveraging respect.. 
  • We'll help you eliminate lack of communication so that you both finally feel heard for the first time ever.
  •  You'll get Psychology Based Strategies to turn your anxiety-filled relationship into a strong and stable marriage forever.
  • You'll create a Respect-based Relationship full of love and trust.
  • We'll cover how to quickly improve the communication in your marriage
  • How to get rid of insecurity and start having a stable and fulfilling relationship to continue building a life together.
  • We'll show you my 5-step Communication Process to help you feel heard without being criticized.
  • You'll use our Win-Win Strategy to instantly eliminate the lack of mutual respect even if your partner is "checked out".
What People Are Saying:
"This Program Helped Me With All Of The Relationships In My Life"
A Testimonial By Naja Hayward
"So Fundamentally Different in Understanding How to Get The Maximum From Your Marriage"
"So Fundamentally Different in Understanding How to Get The Maximum From Your Marriage"
A Testimonial By Rabbi Jacob Rupp
"Turned My Marriage That Was On The Rocks - (That I Had Been Preparing To Leave!) - Into Something I Never Thought It Could Be Again"
"Turned My Marriage That Was On The Rocks - (That I Had Been Preparing To Leave!) - Into Something I Never Thought It Could Be Again"
A Testimonial By Sophia Campbell
To Ensure You Are 100% Successfull
 In case you want to talk to us via email, your emails will be a priority and we will always respond within 24-48 hours.

 Email support is unlimited. 

 You'll always have access to us to solve any marriage help question to make sure you succeed in creating the relationship of your dreams

Touchy Topics Scripts
 You will get our pre-written scripts for how to engage in conversation about the most difficult topics facing couples.

Approach difficult issues such as finances, in-laws, intimacy, children, and life goals, with a structured process

Step-by-step guidance of how to initiate those discussions and conduct them without it getting out of control

Finally deal with recurring issues that have been swept under the rug and avoided and are preventing you from achieving your relationship dreams.

Communication Style Analysis
Take an inventory that will help you understand how you react under pressure.

Understand why your communication style is driving away your spouse and what you can do to bring him/her back.

Finally discover why your spouse reacts the way they do

 Case studies of couples who have taken this info and transformed their marriage.

A to Z toolbox
Address all the big issues that are facing your marriage.

You'll get our Struggling Couple's Survival Guide, an A to Z guide that goes topic by topic discussing everything from ADHD to Self-Awareness

Deep Dive Marriage Inventory
Over 100 questions to help you explore your relationship and learn about yourself

  Eye opening strategies

Learn concrete steps you can take to improve your marriage right away.

Couples in Recovery Training with a Licensed Addiction Specialist so that you can still heal your marriage EVEN IF you or your partner is struggling with an addiction.

The Organized Couple Training with a Certified Professional Organizer so that housework doesn't have to be the source of strife and conflict ANYMORE and you can get Finally Organized and Finally Free!  

Special Message From The Author....
It took us over 7 years to figure all of this out...

Without help. 

We suffered a lot trying to build a successful marriage... Lots of trial and error... 

Thousands of hours invested into figuring this out... Dark moments... Huge problems and obstacles....

Trying to find a way we wouldn't ruin our dream for our kids of a solid and stable marriage...Hoping we wouldn't fail like our parents and get divorced, something we were trying so desperately not to repeat...
Getting to this point has been brutally difficult and we have spent countless hours of our own time... 


Let us ask you this...

    Instead of trying to figure it out on your own... 
    No plan, no step by step system... 
    What if we give you a "map" with the exact 

instructions to get to where you want... 
How much would that be worth to you?
Maybe $600... 

  Or even $1200? 

Well, we'd say PRICELESS 

Don't forget we're talking about saving your marriage... How much is that worth to you...? 
What if you could live happily ever after and raise your kids in a healthy and loving home...How much would that be worth to you?

We're guessing a lot. 
Back then, if we could have had this information we'd have paid whatever amount of money...And you? 
You can get there today with Marriage Mastery School for Success!
ATTENTION: Due to increased demand for our AMAZING PROGRAM we cannot guarantee open spots for long.
The Total Marriage Transformation Program
Regular $1,500
$97 Special Offer!!! 
Just a little of what you get
  • We'll show you the best way to make your family whole again.
  • You'll discover what Love infusions are and how they can create warmth, love, and mutual admiration daily.
  • You'll bulletproof your marriage to love each other unconditionally. – and much more!!! Don't wait another second. Order Now!
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Dynamically Updated
Need Help, Call:  443-527-7145
The Total Marriage Transformation Program
Regular $1,500
$97 Special Offer!!! 
Just a little of what you get
  • We'll show you the best way to make your family whole again.
  • You'll discover what Love infusions are and how they can create warmth, love, and mutual admiration daily.
  • You'll bulletproof your marriage to love each other unconditionally. – and much more!!! Don't wait another second. Order Now!

Rest Assured

"If this course does not help you fix your marriage or for any reason you don't like it, we will refund you 100% of the money you paid within 60 days of purchasing.."

"If I didn't believe in my  Training completely - so much so that I would recommend it to all my friends and family - I wouldn't put my name on it"

~ Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin

Satisfaction Guarantee

Just email [email protected] and you'll get it in 24-48 hours. No questions asked.

Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
Frequently Asked Questions
"I'm not the motivated type", "I don’t have the time", "Will I actually do a program by myself?"
Our program is very simple and easy to do. While you do have to work the program, we didn’t overwhelm people and it isn’t written in a level that is over people’s heads.
Marriage School is user friendly, quick and practical. And what we talk about are foundational principles that if you apply them, they can change their life. We've had many people say that they felt like we were talking just to them!
Do you offer refunds? 
Yes, if for whatever reason you're not 100% happy just send an email within 60 days of purchasing to me to at [email protected] and I'll automatically refund you.
Will it help my particular situation?
All relationship issues are about deeper foundational relationship problems. In Marriage School, we are focusing on your relationship as a whole, so that when you treat the relationship and not ONLY the symptoms of the relationship, you are that much more successful at fixing your relationship and those symptoms are dealt with naturally.
My spouse is not interested in doing any work on our marriage, will this still help us?
Marriage School is perfect for relationships where only 1 person is interested on working on the marriage. That is the case because when you start implementing the strategies and tools that we mention in Marriage School, your spouse will see the changes that you are making and respond accordingly. He/she will notice measure-able improvements in the relationship space and this will naturally improve your marriage, without even asking him/her to do any of the work!
Is it just as good as counseling?
First of all, not all counseling helps. Some of it makes things worse. Sometimes counseling is not a good idea if the counseling is not going to be pro marriage. If you found counseling that is known to be good and resonates with you and is pro family, that is wonderful! Know that it isn't always easy to find in your locale and it will cost $$$$. If you don’t have the money, this is the next best thing. Our program is extremely affordable.
Why would someone choose to go to online Marriage School instead of taking a marriage course in person?
We have clients and couples that love Marriage School because they can learn from their living room or office computerand don't have to go out and see anyone else!
 It's convenient, you can do it whenever you want, on your own schedule, and you don't need to coordinate your schedules with a therapist. Usually, therapy takes place after a long day of work when you're tired, so you don't need to leave the house and get a babysitter and travel to therapy.
    Once you enroll in Marriage School, you'll always have it with you. You'll have the information forever, and you can listen to it over and over again to really gain the tools that you need to make your relationship work this time.

Will I learn how to enrich my marriage even if it is already a good relationship and make it great?
Definitely! Marriage Mastery School for Success is ideal for anyone in relationship- those that are dating and wish to become prepared for a serious commitment, those that are engaged and wish to learn how to get their relationship off to the right start, those that are in crisis and want to learn how to fix their relationship, and those who wish to take their marriage from good to great. That's why we call it Marriage Mastery School for Success- so that you can really master the art of being married.
What is different about Marriage School than other online marriage programs?
Marriage School was formulated from YEARS of experience of working with some of the most difficult relationships. The couples that seem to resonate with our message the most, tell us that they wish they could get the original spark back, that they felt has burned out. When they originally fell in love, they felt that the person that they chose was someone who would understand them, when no one else could! Yet, as their relationship progressed they feel a sense of betrayal, as if the bill of goods they were sold was false. They are often confused, lacking hope, and yearning to return to that original feeling they had with their spouse.  If that's you, then you will definitely benefit from Marriage Mastery School for Success.
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